Proposer: Denis Coelho, Universidade da Beira Interior, (PORTUGAL), E-mail:

Session Type: Technical Session

Session Title: Ergonomics and development in the new economy

Chairs: Patricia R. Ferrara, & Denis A. Coelho

Brief Description: Participants: ODAM participants will be contacted after a preliminary programme attendance list is available in order to have panelists that are representative of different perspectives within ergonomics.  Aim of the panel: create a dialogue from a broad range of perspectives - that don’t necessarily agree with each other.   Sample questions that will be discussed in order to reach conclusions:  work life balance - Is there a congruent relationship between the progress and dissemination of the new economy’s technological and organizational work systems and changes in social systems?  global redistribution of production systems -What are the consequences of the global redistribution of production systems in micro- and macro-ergonomic terms in your field (e.g. manufacturing, agriculture, shipping, transportation, services, call centres…)?  development in the new economy and ergonomics - At the dawn of the XXIst century we heard of anew human factors approach promoting gains in pleasure as opposed to the previous paradigm of minimizing loss and discomfort. Is there a need for a new ergonomics and human factors approach, to solve the challenges of the development of the new economy, and what does this new ergonomics approach entail?


1. Panel Discussion

To be invited from ergonomists participating in ODAM, diverse backgrounds expected, (e-mail: to be determined)

2. To be determined (research paper 1)

Patricia R. Ferrara, University of Wisconsin, (e-mail:

3. To be determined (research paper 2)

J. K. Walter,TechnoServe Mozambique, (e-mail:

4. Considering Real Life Impact with Community X-Ray

Ana Filipa Couvinhas, TechnoServe Mozambique, (e-mail:

5. From Farmer to Wage Earner: Changing Work Practices fin Mozambique's Agro-Forestry Villages

Bradley Paul, TechnoServe Mozambique ,(e-mail: )
9 AUGUST 2020