International Scientific Advisory Board 


  •   Pedro AREZES, Portugal
  •   Tuomo ALASOINI, Finland
  •   Sebastiano BAGNARA, Italy
  •   Pascal BÉGUIN, France
  •   Kirsten BENDIX OLSEN, New Zealand
  •   Cecilia BERLIN, Sweden
  •   Verna BLEWETT, Australia
  •   Ole BROBERG, Denmark
  •   Ralph BRUDER, Germany
  •   Peter BUCKLE, UK
  •   David CAPLE, Australia
  •   Pascale CARAYON, USA
  •   Hanne CHRISTENSEN, Denmark
  •   Denis A. COELHO, Portugal
  •   Francois DANIELLOU, France
  •   Jan DUL, Netherlands
  •   Jörgen EKLUND, Sweden
  •   Kianoush FATOLLAHZADEH, Sweden 
  •   Ayse GURSES, USA 
  •   Peter HASLE, Denmark
  •   Andrew IMADA, USA
  •   Kenji ITOH, Japan  
  • Per Langaa JENSEN, Denmark
  • Anders KABEL, Danmark
  • Anette KARLTUN, Sweden
  • Johan KARLTUN, Sweden
  • Brian KLEINER, USA
  • Mette Elise LARSEN, Denmark
  • Stephen LEGG, New Zealand
  • Juha LINDFORS, Finland
  • Preben LINDØ, Norway
  • Peter LUNDQVIST, Sweden
  • Pascal Max MADELEINE, Denmark
  • Dave MOORE, New Zealand
  • Patrick NEUMANN, Canada
  • Carina RISLUND, Sweden
  • Michelle ROBERTSON, USA
  • Laerte SZNELWAR, Brazil
  • Geert VAN HOOTEGEM, Belgium
  • Peter VINK, Netherlands
  • Jörgen WINKEL, Denmark
  • Klaus ZINK, Germany
  • Cecilia ÖSTERMAN, Sweden

Local Organising Commitee 

The conference is organised in a collaboration between:

  • Technical University of Denmark, DTU Management Engineering
  • Aalborg University, Center for Industrial Production
  • Society for Working Environment and Working Conditions, The Danish Society of Engineers (SAM)
  • Nordic Ergonomics & Human Factors Society (NES)
  • National Research Centre for the Working Environment (NRCWE)

The local commitee:

  • Ole Broberg, MSc, PhD, Associate Professor at DTU Management Engineering (Conference Chair)          
  • Per Langaa Jensen, MSc, PhD, Professor at DTU Management Engineering
  • Peter Hasle, MSc, PhD, Professor at Industrial Production, Aalborg University, Copenhagen 
  • Anders Kabel, MSc, Project Manager at The Construction Sector Safety and Health Preventive Service Bus, board member of SAM
  • Mette Elise Larsen, BSc, Chief Consultant at Alectia Consultancy, Chairwoman of SAM
  • Nils Fallentin, MSc, PhD, Research Director, National Research Centre for the Working Environment, NRCWE

Conference Secretaries:

  • Kirstine Lautrup, Secretary at DTU Management Engineering
  • Tina Weller, MSc, Research Worker at DTU Management Engineering
  • Marie Ekström, project leader, ICS



Ole Broberg
Associate Professor, Emeritus
DTU Management
+45 45 25 60 33
26 MAY 2022