Human Factors Guidelines for CCTV-control centre design

In the Netherlands a group of 4 Human Factors groups have been working on HF Guidelines for CCTV-system design/CCTV control centre design. A first draft guideline document has been realized, based on a literature review, 8 case studies and several pilot experiments related to CCTV test charts and test procudures (i.e. validation and verification). A summary of this project will be presented during this symposium. Also some presentation on the case studies will be included.

However, we would like to challenge other research groups to participate in the symposium. This is in particular interesting because many of the published guidelines are not sufficiently evidence based.

Traditional publications on CCTV mainly focus on security. Less information is available on, for example traffic control (road, rail, maritime). Finally, a new emerging area of interest would be remote (object) control, for example to be found in off-shore, oil & gas, and maritime situations (lock and bridge control).

The aim of the symposium is to bring together all available human factors knowledge on CCTV-systems, discuss whether evidenced guidelines are available, and whether additional research efforts are needed. Please send your abstract to Ruud Pikaar Eur.Erg.

Contact: Senior HF Consultant Ruud Pikaar,
19 JULY 2019