Workshop: CSR, Social Sustainability and Ergonomics: Drawing the family tree

This workshop aims to discuss and explore the relationships between three central concepts for the workplaces of the future: Ergonomics, Social Sustainability, and CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility). What do these concepts mean to the participants? In which professional environments are they most frequently used? And how do they interrelate?

To the ODAM/NES audience, the first concept is well-known and understood in all its rich diversity; but what about Social Sustainability and CSR, which have gained momentum in the international policy world and in corporate contexts?  The workshop leaders, Cecilia Berlin of Chalmers University of Technology and Cecilia Österman of Linnaeus University in Kalmar, both hold PhDs in Ergonomics, in the areas of Production systems and the Maritime domain respectively. Both have a strong focus on workers in shared workplaces, and are strongly interested in making the connection between the generational, long-term-perspective thinking of sustainability, the solution-oriented practices of CSR, and the human-centeredness of Ergonomics.
Using a very hands-on, creative workshop process interlaced with discussion sessions, we would like to draw a "family tree" together with the workshop participants of how these concepts interrelate. Are they perhaps in a hierarchy? Do they overlap? Are they all forces moving towards the same overall goal? Or are they separate entities?
We expect that the focus on human well-being and system performance in the Human Factors and Ergonomics community will make fantastic input towards a visualization of the role of Ergonomics in relation to CSR and Social sustainability, as we progress into a future where the livelihood and work environment of present worker generations must not endanger that of future generations. Welcome to draw, discuss and shape this visualization of Ergonomics in the long-term!
9 AUGUST 2020