Ergonomics in Systems Analysis and Design

Proposer: Denis Coelho, Universidade Da Beira Interior, (PORTUGAL), E-mail:

Denis Coelho, Universidade Da Beira Interior, (PORTUGAL), E-mail:

Session Type: Technical Session

Chairs: Denis Coelho, & Patricia R. Ferrara

Brief Description: Ergonomics, as a discipline, strives to achieve well being and increased quality of life, hence, ergonomics enabled design and development endeavors are a means of supporting progress for humanity. Ergonomics represents an opportunity to materialize ethics in technology and in design, as the pursuit for efficiency and sustainability is increasingly becoming urgent, as a result of global changes. Ergonomics, as an applied science that supports and enables the viability and feasibility of design endeavours, offers data, knowledge and methods pertaining to the physical, cognitive, environmental and organizational domains of human activity. Through an intervention in existing systems, ergonomics may elaborate on an existing basis of work system and equipment in the shape of a corrective intervention. However, when new design endeavours are to unfold the ergonomics approach is broadly informed by other perspectives (social, motivational and cultural). Ergonomics specialists have an opportunity to contribute their expertise to help address deficiencies in achieving reductions in environmental impacts and therefore aid in shifting toward sustainable resource consumption. A systemic approach is beneficial in analyzing existing systems and propose interventions aiming at sustainable development efforts. Moreover, these efforts benefit from the analysis and monitoring using a macroergonomics perspective; keeping complex relationships at organizational, community and social levels under observation, as these, even if often disregarded, play a decisive role in the success of interventions aimed at sustainability.


1. (Final title yet to be developed - preliminary title) Sustainability: An adaptation Approach

Patricia R. Ferrara, University of Wisconsin, (e-mail:

2. Manufacturing Analysis of the Serra da Estrela PDO cheese under the Perspective of Systemic Design

Ana Filipa Couvinhas, TechnoServe Mozambique, (e-mail:

3. Redesign of the Logo and design of a new ergonomic hand tool : enabled by systemic analysis of the Serra da Estrela PDO cheese universe

Tiago E. P. Carrola, Universidade da Beira Interior, Portugal, (e-mail:

4. Water and sewage treatment workers differences in psychosocial and ergonomics assessment

Denis Coelho, Universidade da Beira Interior, Portugal, (e-mail:

5. Longitudinal psychosocial assessment of office workers in a utility company

Carla S. D. Tavares, Instituto Politécnico da Guarda, Portugal ,(e-mail: )
9 AUGUST 2020