Simulations: the integration of human factors and ergonomics into design processes

Simulations have been increasingly used in ergonomics research and interventions. The great diversity of goals and methods require, however, reflections on their functionalities and their contributions, in special for design processes. In this perspective, simulations can be seen as methods of analysis, transformation and integration among different stakeholders in the design process.

This symposium is a result of workshops between Danish and Brazilian researchers. We would like to extend our discussion to other research colleagues and ergonomics consultants. The goal is to discuss, based on real cases, issues such as: What is the purpose of simulations in ergonomics? What is being simulated? What are the objects used in simulations? How is the simulation process? Who are the participants? What are the strengths and weaknesses of the methods? In which phase of the design process should simulations be carried out? How do simulations’ outcomes enter into the design process? …

 Send us your ideas, reflections and case studies!

Contact: Professor Francisco Duarte, Posdoc Carolina Conceicao, or Ass. Professor Ole Broberg
9 AUGUST 2020