The way forward for human factors and sustainable development (HFSD)

Proposer: Andrew Thatcher, University Of The Witwatersrand, (SOUTH AFRICA), E-mail:

Session Type: Symposium

Chairs: Prof. Andrew Thatcher, & Prof. Klaus J. Zink

Brief Description:  

1. Theoretical models of sustainable development that apply to human factors and ergonomics

Andrew Thatcher, University of the Witwatersrand, South Africa, (e-mail:

2. Synergies between ergoecology and green ergonomics

Karen Lange Morales, National University of Colombia, (e-mail:

3. Work in the sustainability context: coprorates' perceptions and ergonomic contributions

Claudio Brunoro,Universidade de Sao Paulo, Brazil, (e-mail:

4. A survey of methods for product design and development with regards to ergoecological principles

Gabriel Garcia-Acosta, National University of Colombia, (e-mail:

5. Sustaining development in the shaky places

David Moore, Auckland University of Technology, New Zealand ,(e-mail: )
9 AUGUST 2020