Workshop:  How does e-society affect healthcare practice?

Welcome to a workshop that gives researchers, experts, and practitioners the opportunity to discuss and share experiences about how the e-society affects healthcare practice.

E-society has entered healthcare and is transforming the roles of patients and practitioners. This raises some questions:

  • How will the relations between different professions and between practitioners and patient be affected?
  • How does this affect power relations?
  • Will e-Health affect the care processes?
  • Where will care be carried out in the future?
  • How will these changes affect the work environment and quality of healthcare?  

At the Department of Design Sciences, Lund University, we approach these questions in an interdisciplinary way in close collaboration with the healthcare practice. The main aim of this workshop is to identify possibilities and challenges in this area and build a network of researchers, experts, and practitioners for further cooperation and development of this field.

The workshop will consist of a number of short presentations and group discussions based on the questions above. We hope you are interested in participating. If so, please send an email to the corresponding organizer below and inform us if you would consider making a short presentation (max 10 min) at the workshop.


Organizer: Department of design sciences, Lund University

9 AUGUST 2020