Presentation Guidelines

Instructions for oral presentation

Time scheduled for your presentations
• Each session includes a maximum of six oral presentations. Each presentation is 15 minutes, including the conference chairs introduction of you and a few minutes for questions.
• Each session has a Session Chair, who will introduce each speaker to the audience. The Session Chair will give a reminder when you have three minutes left.

Conference language
• The presentation language is English.

Before the scheduled presentation
• All session rooms are equipped with a PC with Powerpoint and PDF presentation software. The file containing the presentation should be named with the session number followed by the surname of the presenter, e.g. A3_Jensen.
• Bring your presentation on a MS Windows readable USB stick to the session room and upload it on the computer in the session room, preferably in the morning of the day of your presentation or at latest 15 minutes before the session starts.

The presentation
• Use standard fonts (e.g., Calibri, Times Roman, Helvetica, Arial, New Times Roman). If an unusual font is used, it may not appear as intended.
• The wording should be large (not smaller than 20 pt).
• Try to keep the content of your slides and their appearance as simple and consistent as possible. Simple and effective graphics will enhance the presentation.
• The colors and background of the slides have a large impact. Use color schemes that have sufficient contrast between text and background.
• Each slide should contain only the main points that need to be conveyed. Avoid overcrowding of the slide with a lot of text.
• Where possible each slide should be restricted to one idea. A theme can always be expanded with further slides, building from the original.

Instructions for oral presentation as pdf file

Instructions for poster format and presentation

Poster format
• Dimensions of the posters should be no larger than size A0 (119 cm high x 84 cm wide). The size at your disposal on the poster board is 90 cm width x 120 cm height.
• Text and illustrations must be produced heavily and clearly, so that all posters can be readable from a distance of 2 meters. Recommended size for the text is 24 pt or larger. Headings should be 44 pt or larger.
• At the top of the poster, in bold lettering of about 2.5 to 3 cm size, please provide the title of the paper, name(s) of the author(s), and affiliation. Title and authors must be the same as stated on the submitted abstract/paper.
• The poster content must be self-explanatory and presented in such a way that spectators standing one to two meters from your poster can clearly read and grasp the significance of the work and its central message in a few minutes.
• Tables should be used sparingly and kept as simple as possible. Data are almost always more efficiently displayed graphically.

Poster presentation
• There will be an area marked for your poster. Suitable material to display the posters on will be provided on-site. The poster can be put up from Sunday, August 16, 3 p.m.
• Authors who are presenting the poster are requested to stand by the poster during the poster session on Tuesday between 15.15 - 16.15. Also notice that the posters are available during all breaks.
• The poster must be brought by the author personally and may not be submitted by mailing in advance.
• The poster can be supplemented by hand-outs of one A4 sheet of paper (front and back) describing the poster. The authors are responsible for bringing such material. It is recommended to bring a plastic case for the handouts to be attached to the poster stand.

Instructions for poster format and presentation
1 OCTOBER 2023